Fellow Thai citizens and the international community



With regard to the incident that occurred in the Rajprasong area last Monday 17 August 2015,  the details of which have been regularly announced by the government pertaining to assistance provided to the injured, as well as the investigation and relevant action taken to bring the perpetrators to justice; 



The Royal Thai Government wishes  to  reassure the public that the situation is under complete control of the security officials. Additional security personnel both in uniform and plainclothes have been deployed to patrol every area so as to accord maximum security to the general public. In addition, the  Royal Thai Government would like to convey to all foreigners who are planning on traveling to Thailand, be they for tourist, trade, educational or business purposes, or MICE, that the Government shall be doing its utmost to provide a safe and secure environment for the duration of your stay in Thailand and that you will experience Thai friendliness and hospitality as always. 



With resoluteness and determination, 



The Royal Thai Government


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